1. Nafla’s rap over Zion.T’s Common Song

  2. When the beat drops. *dies* 

  3. "Secret police agents regularly infiltrate South Korean protest groups in order to collect information on upcoming demonstrations, according to Ki. If a protest is peaceful, the riot police may face nothing more than the fist-shaking mimes who are often hired by labor unions to lead their rallies. But if it is violent, they will have to defend themselves against everything from shrimp-based stink bombs to jukchang, traditional bamboo spears." 

    Color Magazine 
  4. Looktique Cafe #playmap

    Style Log (my favorite show) finally aired its first episode of the new season! The MC’s this season are models Hong Jong Hyun, Jo Min Ho, and singer Nana. The show is mostly about fashion, but it also heavily covers the latest street culture trends. Within the first episode, there were a lot of awesome spots on Garosugil that were spotlighted. Thought I’d share what I saw. I was planning on starting an archive on places to go when I return to Seoul anyways, so here is the first post! 

    #PLAYMAP: Garosugil - the street for the 패션피플 (Fashion People / Individuals who wear fashionable street wear / Hang out here frequently) 

    Looktique Cafe (룩티크 카페 ) - The Super Juice Cafe



    Looktique Cafe is not another coffee serving franchise. Looktique is one of the several super juice cafes that are getting more and more popular in Seoul. The cafe is run by the fashion street magazine with the same name, Looktique. They serve super juices made with 100% organic ingredients. Famous celebrities such as Shinee and model Kim Won Joong are said to be regulars. People love the place because it’s a great place to socialize and obviously healthy. Fun and no weight gained. A win-win for all. 



    The super juice area is only a small part of the entire complex. The Looktique complex is home to the magazine team, their main office / agit, a pop-upstore, pub, and also a regular cafe. Everything jammed packed into one place. Crazy, right? 

    You can find Looktique off the Apgujeong Rodeo subway exit: 


  5. 140408 write your own story, with your own pen

    Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved autobiographies. The first autobiography I ever picked up as a kid was one written by Jane Goodall. The next one was by some environmentalist. I think her name was Stella. They both left me in awe about nature and the lengths people go to understand it… and protect it. By the time I entered college, I was obsessed with interviews or reality features where a star or individual is followed in their daily life. I especially loved parts where they had the chance to sit down and reflect on the path they had to take to get where they are. 

    Since then, I have spent countless hours dissecting the stories and interviews of people I’ve met and also other role models. This is what I have discovered —- no ones story is predictable and the same. This may be because I mainly am fascinated by those in unconventional careers / artists, but nonetheless it really is mind blowing to understand that there is not just one way to a successful and interesting career. You know how we’re told that we can be “anything we want” ? It’s not 100% true. However, I have come to strongly believe that anyone can make their own luck. It just takes a lot of hard work and great timing. 

    The most important principle though that I have adopted is this —- You’re writing your own story. Make sure you’re writing with your own pen. In other words, once you realize no one else should be writing your story except yourself, there’s no turning back in crossing the line of shamelessness. You’re the writer, the designer, and the artist. What a great gift. 

  6. 마음에 들어 (April Playlist)

    MUSE IN SEOUL (April Playlist)  
    1. 가끔 (Sometimes) - CRUSH
    2. 비범벅 (Walking in the rain) ft. Bumkey - VERBAL JINT
    3. 멋을아는놈 (Stylish B*stard)- KANTO
    4. Day Break (ft. Miss A) - KANTO 
    5. Bedroom Enjoy (ft. Giriboy) - KASPER
    6. Go Get’Em (ft. Slurp) - TRICK
    7. 21 & Over (ft. Nafla) - MACKWON
    8. From Trainee to Singer- - Dae-nam Hyup 
  7. Kanto’s Young Blood mixtape is fire.